Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finish a Project A Day!!! {Nineteen-Twenty Six}

I am now getting back into normal life, so here are some forgotten posts. I made 8 of the eleven skirts, and yes I did start them about a week and a half before the wedding! I know I am crazy. I had some help cutting them all out and then I just had to zip through and get them finished. I bought the fabric in March and thought I would have them finished by the end of April....Hahaha! I wish I had some better pictures of them because I put so much work into them. The shirts were from Banana Republic.

The Wedding Decor

Here are some of the photos from the reception. I wish I would have time to capture some of the details that I wanted to remember. Oh well what can you do.

Flowers: Terri James with Dahlia Events
Dress: Gateway Bridal
Skirts: Handmade by Jessica
Photography: Casey McFarland
Wedding Video: Spencer Hale with Giant Brothers Films Click here to see our video from our Pre Wedding Shoot
Cake: Graceful Baker
Luncheon: Culinary Concepts
Reception Food: Temptation Cupcakes, Crumb Brothers, and Shaffer House
Cole's Suit: Mr. Mac
Shoes: Anthropologie
Hair and Makeup: Whitney Tippetts Winder

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finally a Married Woman!

It has been a long time since I have blogged....I have so much to catch up on! Here is a little something to start all of the catch up!