Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Fifteen}

Fabric Banners for the wedding, these will probably go over the buffet tables at the reception. I got the fabric from some vintage sheets that I got at my grandpas. I didn't have any where to take photos of them, so I just strung them around my office.

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Fourteen}

I cleaned the silver for the wedding. I got these things for way cheap!

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Thirteen}

I found these light fixtures at the DI for $1 each and I thought they were so cool. Then they sat in my garage for a year....Now they are cute pots for succulents. I thought this would be a perfect Mother's Day gift, my mom loves succulents.

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Twelve}

Plant Herbs. The miracle will be if they actually come up and survive for the season!

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Eleven}

Bobbin Holder. I found this in Oregon at the Salvation Army for $2.05, I was so excited because I have been trying to find something cute to keep them organized.

....the bobbins don't fit! I could use it for thread, but I already have something cute for the thread. Now I need to figure out a solution!

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Ten}

I had these negatives scanned in, I was so glad to find the negatives at my moms. I ruined a lot of the photos when I started scrapbooking in like 6th grade. I can't resist adding a lot of the photos! So sorry for the photo overload!

I love this photo!

Looks like Justin loves me!

When I was born I had to wear those funky shoes because I had pigeon feet or something, this is the only photo of me with them on.

I love these photos of us camping, it is a little hard to look at them and to see how our family has changed. I wish we were still a complete family.

I guess my mom took photos of us before church all of the time, I love that she did this, these are such fun photos!

I didn't realize I was such a poser when I was little!

Halloween! My mom did such a good job dressing us up! I love these!

Photos that I love!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Nine}

I have been collecting things for cake stands and treat stands, and I saw these and thought they would look cool. Total cost for each one: $2

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Eight}

Finish a Project a Day {Seven}

I made option {D} for my engagement photos, so I will post a professional photo of it when I get them back. Now I know how my clients feel when they call me a million times to get their photos, I want to see mine now! We took them Wednesday night, it is really weird to go home from a photo shoot and not be able to look at them on my camera. I started this skirt at 10:30 p.m. and finished at 1 a.m. I got this fabric at a fabulous store in Salt Lake, the owner is so great! She sells fabric for clothes, check out her blog and visit her store! Yellow Bird Fabrics.

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Project Six}

I made 11 pairs of these earrings for the bridesmaids at the wedding. It came to $1.28 per pair!