Friday, December 23, 2011

Monochromatic Challenge

I need to take some better photos of this one, but I am just obsessed with updating my blog through the iPhone. The stitching is done in different colors

Little Aprons for the Nieces

I thought these turned out so cute! Hopefully Cole's family doesn't judge me for all homemade gifts. We are giving all the little girls these and then getting some cookie cutters or something to go with. I am nervous they won't like them.

A Christmas Quilt for Cole

So I got the new iPhone and I am a little obsessed with the camera and the effects on it, so these are just some of the projects I have been taking photos of. I won't have his quilt finished all of the way for Christmas, but I will at least have the top finished. Here is what the blocks look like, hopefully I will show the finished product soon.

Bowling Quilt for my Dad

So my dad's family is a little obsessed with bowling, the entire family has bowled. I am proud to say I have never owned a bowling ball..... Maybe this is why I am an outcast! :). Some of these shirts are from my grandma and great grandma. They are pretty sweet designs, I love the vintage!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our New Boat!

Technically it is not really new, but it is new to us, and Cole loves it! Too bad we got it going too late in the season! We started this bad boy in 35 degree weather and we were not sure if it was going to sink or swim! Cole made me wear waters and a life jacket in case it went down....later his mom got mad at us for going and said if we went down we would have froze. Oops! That didn't stop us with our adventure! It took a while for Cole to get the motor going, but once it was going we loaded up and tested it's power. I was a little nervous when we got away from shore, but as we were going it was a great ride! After we drove around for a little while we busted fishing poles. We trolled around for awhile, but since we started at 6 pm we only had a little bit of light left! Well we made it...we only had one mishap, Cole stopped the motor for a bit while we were in the middle and it took a while to get it started again....but we made it back to shore and I am so excited to use this thing next summer!!

Beautiful Fall Tree! Too bad I only had my little camera and it was getting too dark!

Don't you love my outfit??? It looks pretty sweet....I had to dress warm because it was freezing!

We made it off the shore!

Tikka Masala....Dutch Oven Style!

Last year I had an idea to make some Tikka Masala and can it. So this year I gave it a try. We have been wanting to learn how to use the dutch ovens and we just went for it. Thanks to some great friends and family for the dutch ovens! We went up when it was pretty much dark because we had to wait for Cole to get home from work. We weren't super prepared, because we just grabbed some stuff and went up the canyon. You will be able to see our unpreparedness in the photos, and the camera died after a few shots, so we used Cole's IPhone. But it was a blast! To end the night we roasted some pumpkin cake donuts over the fire, Cole topped his with a mallow....delish!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Huckleberry Picking!

I have always heard about huckleberries...and then I had a roommate go one year and I have wanted to go every year since then, but I had no clue where to find them. Well my good friend and roommate invited us to go, I was so excited. We went a little too early in the season, so we didn't get a ton the first time. And yes I made Cole go a couple of more times. I loved it, it will now be apart of our yearly traditions. I made a ton of jam, some yummy baked goods and still have a stash in my freezer! I got my brother, mom, and soon to be sister-in-law in on the fun too! Such a fun family activity...Cole can't wait till we have our own slave labor and then we can get a lot more! :)

Recipes and photos to follow soon........

Quilt Market!

I am so behind, this was way back in May, but I just loved it... so I need to post about it! I had a great opportunity, I tested out some patterns for Joel Dewberry and his wife, I got to work with their fabulous fabric and patterns. They were nice enough to get me and my mom some passes to get in! I would love to own a fabric day when I am rich and famous!

I made the teal skirt in these photos....and the pink one in the next one.

I also did some photos for them and the pattern on the top right is one that I took.

I love these appliqued quilts, I am trying to work on one right now. These inspired me!