Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Decorations

This year I had a lot of good intentions to make ornaments, a christmas tree skirt and stockings. My room mate and I went to the DI and found A LOT of wool, we had everything skirts, pants, sweaters and old man suit coats. They were all 100% wool, so we (mainly me) cut up all of the clothes and then we felted them. We found some great patterns and colors. Now I have a butt load of wool. I thought I was going to have oodles of time to get this all accomplished, and then my time was occupied. I started dating someone and all of my time went to him. It was well worth only having two ornaments on my tree for the Christmas season. It was probably the best time I have ever had, and I was with him 24-7 and only a few of my projects for Christmas got finished. Things have now sadly changed and I don't have him as a distraction. I am going crazy without him, now you will see a lot of posts of all of the things that I am trying to do to make up not being with him. I would give it all up for him, life can have so many unexpected changes. Who knows where my life will head now, it feels so empty and incomplete. This is one of the two owls that I got done.

Antiqued Bridal Accessories

Lately I have been loving vintage weddings, if you don't know me I am a wedding photographer, so I am around weddings all of the time. Because of this I am constantly thinking about weddings (only because of my job!) I know I shouldn't be making stuff for weddings, because I am so far from it. I couldn't resist. The other day I was at my moms house rummaging through all of my old stuff. I was looking for the old jewelry that I use to play with from my grandma, I had no luck with finding those, but I came across some cool old lace from my great grandma. Once I found it, ideas were running through my head and I had to make something with it. The next day I went to my grandpas to see if I could find some of the old jewelry and I found the jackpot, they were all perfect. This one I probably won't use, because I want to make mine a lot more intricate, but this is just a taste of what is to come. One day if I ever get married and if it is still in style I will have a cool hair piece with something from my grandma and great grandma. I am excited to figure something out! It looks great with either soft curls, stuck in the side or at the side of a low swoopy, curly bun.


I know you love the photos of myself. But it looks so much cuter in the hair rather than on a table.

More Headbands!

On Christmas Eve I was showing Whitney and Sue Ann the beauties of Anthropologie (I think this is like the 4th post of my love for it). And we found this head band, it is way cute, but it is $20. So we decided to make it. And I love it! It looks cuter on, but I am sure you are all sick of my photos of myself, so I need a model in order to display my stuff better! The second one is the one that I made (if you couldn't tell).

These other headbands are just on elastic headbands that you can get at grocery stores.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Quilt Project

Here are some more photos so you can get the idea of what I am doing. The finished quilt is out of the Anthropology magazine. The other photo is on my progress. I have a lot done, but I have used so much fabric it is sick for the little amount that I have done.

I don't know what this quilt is called, but I saw the image in an Anthropologie catalog. Anthropologie has to be one of my favorite stores! So here are some pieces to it and hopefully it gets finished soon, it will hopefully be way cute. The quilt is put together with varying sizes of circles. It was hard to find circles big enough to trace, but these are some of the things that I found in my cupboards, and they worked very nice. One down fall is that it uses a ton of fabric! Most of the fabric that I am using is Joel Dewberry and one from Anna Marie Horner.


I found a new obsession. (Like I need more than I have now.) I have loved crocheting lately. I found some patterns I bought off of Etsy. Their site is Sorry for the cheasy photos of myself, but I had to give them for Christmas presents and wanted photos of them.

Sarah's Quilt

This quilt was from scraps from my Spring Fever quilt, I used a disappearing 9 patch pattern. Sue with Summit Creek Quilts quilted this for me, she used the all over quilting. It looked good, but more than I wanted to spend.

Hair Accessories