Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Anthropologie Quilt

I just love this quilt!! I think it is by far my favorite! This is all hand sewn, it kind of looks like a pain, but I enjoyed it!

Saturday Night Ritual

I love this fabric! My friend Bonnie gave me this fabric on Wednesday and I just had to make a skirt out of it. It took me longer to finish because I actually had to follow the pattern and I couldn't find my zipper foot. This photo is not a very good one, I need to find someone that is the same size as me, so I can take some fun photos of my skirts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

S'more Cupcakes

I have been wanting to try out different cupcakes lately. I just used a milk chocolate cake mix, I filled each cupcake with a little bit of batter and then put a dob of Marshmallow Cream Puff and then topped it with some more batter, don't fill them too full or they explode all over the pan. I made a homemade chocolate frosting, and topped it off with graham cracker crumbs. They were really good, the marshmallow kind of dissolved in the oven, so it just blends into the cake. But they were still delicious. I am going to try it with real marshmallows and see what the difference is.

Chocolate Frosting Recipe:


• 3 ounces unsweetened chocolate
• 3 tablespoons butter
• 3 cups confectioners' sugar
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 3 to 8 tablespoons milk


In a double boiler over hot water melt chocolate with the butter. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes. In an electric mixer add chocolate mixture and confectioners' sugar. Beat until mixture resembles chalky beads. Add the vanilla and the milk 1 tablespoon at a time until a spreadable consistency is reached. Beat until fluffy -- adding more milk if necessary.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Saturday Night Ritual

Every week I have intentions of making a new skirt for Sunday, the week ends way too fast and I never get to it. A lot of times I get home around midnight on Saturday and start a skirt. (Good thing I have 1:00 church, so I can sleep in after!) This is my new favorite tradition! I am trying to use up all of my fabric, so that I can buy more. So we will see how many I can get out of my DI fabric stash! This fabric was $1 and I have enough to make another skirt...or something else. Hopefully I can stay up on this tradition and have a lot of new skirts! Let me know what you think! I know this is kind of ugly fabric, but when I am at the store I see potential in strange things!

Magpie Lovely Patterns Guest Giveaway

Magpie Lovely Patterns Guest Giveaway

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

25 things to do before I am 25-Update!

Well today is my half birthday! I don't care that I am turning 25 soon, but that means that I only have 6 months to finish everything. I really think I can finish all of it except my humanitarian trips. I don't think it would be wise to go into debt for them. But maybe I can get a ton more photo shoots and go on at least one of them in the spring. Time flies way too fast! I made all of these goals on September 7, 2009.

1. Have a gallery show of my fine art photos.

2. Have a Summerfest booth of my photos.

3. Design a line of fabric and submit to a company.

I have started to sketch some designs, here are a few of them. They are in the first stages, I need to finalize the images on paper and then get a good scan and then call my friend Kara to give me another Illustrator/graphic design tutorial.

I still need to figure out which ones go together, I think I am going to finalize 4-5 designs and then come up with a couple of color options. I am not going to submit them to a company, but I am going to print my own fabric on spoonflower. I think that will be good enough for me! I am excited to finish this project!

These are some of my color inspirations. I want to go bold and deep with the colors. These photos don't give you the best ideas, they didn't scan in as the right colors. I will have to figure that out, but you get the idea. Let me know what designs you like!

4. Design 3 patterns and make the items.

5. Go to Nepal for humanitarian work.

I want to do this so bad...but money is short, so if anyone wants to donate! :) Maybe I will be able to at least book one of the trips before I turn 25

6. Go somewhere in Africa for humanitarian work.

7. Go to the East coast to see the fall leaves, especially the Sacred Grove.

8. Start learning Spanish.

I listened to some CD's and they were pretty use less. I can say a few phrases, but nothing really useful. I hopefully can find a better way to learn!

9. Decorate my bedroom.

I did get a new bed and have decorated it, but I need to finish the rest of the room. I am having a hard time deciding what color. I will take some photos of where it is now. When I moved into my house almost 2 years ago, I wanted to save the bedroom to decorate with my husband. Well that isn't working out so it might be my houses birthday present.

10. Be in a serious relationship that has potential for marriage.

Hahahahahahahaha! That is all I can do about this one! It makes me laugh that I even thought it possible! Hahahahahaha!

....maybe I was wrong...............

11. Learn how to knit.

I learned with my grandma, it was way funny. I can't post anything yet, because I haven't made much progress, I think crocheting is easier. The most memorable part of the learning experience was what my grandma said. She was telling me that she knows some ladies that are really good and they are a bit retarded, so you should be able to do it. So if I can't make something fantastic I am going to feel pretty dumb!

12. Read the C.S. Lewis Box set.

Mere Christianity: Finished May 18, 2010
The Screwtape Letters: Finished July 4, 2010
A Grief Observed
The Problem of Pain
The Great Divorce

13. Read the Bible Dictionary.

14. Read the Book of Mormon in one month.

I started reading on March 1, 2010 and I finished March 31, 2010.

The last few months have been really hard on me, as you have read in some of my blogs I have a really great dating life (sarcasm just incase you didn't pick up on it). I thought things were great, he said that he loved me and to trust that and then he ran... Since that time, I haven't had much motivation for anything, I had gotten behind on work and haven't cared. It is hard to take photos of other peoples happy moments, when my heart just got ripped out. I truly thought I had found the one, and he never gave me reason to doubt that. So anyways in short I have had a really hard time. I have sought for comfort in so many things, I have tried to be social and move on, I have fasted, prayed and sought for answers in the temple. At the end of February I was sick of being so miserable, so I went to my Uncle for a priesthood blessing. It was such a great comfort and a reassurance that my Heavenly Father is truly aware of me. In the blessing he told me to study the Book of Mormon, at the time I was reading in the Old Testament. The next day was March 1st and remembering my goal to read the Book of Mormon in a month, so I decided to start.

I know I probably just told you a lot of stuff that doesn't really matter, but as I read the Book of Mormon I was able to see how much love our Heavenly Father and Jesus have for us. I know that I read it fast and probably didn't get that much out of it, but I was able to see how constant the Lord's love is for his children. I know that we are all children of God and that He loves us so much. No matter the difficulty that we are in, He is always there to comfort and consul us. I know this with out a doubt. It is the weirdest feeling but it consumes my whole soul, there is no way to explain the feeling. It is just something that you know. Our Heavenly Father is so merciful, He will always allow us to repent and return to Him. As I read the Book of Mormon, I was able to understand my purpose here on earth. I know that as we go through this life it will all be worth it in the end if we stay true to the commandments and the covenants that we have made. The time that we spend on this earth is such a short moment in the span of eternity. We can't give up, we can't let a break up ruin our lives. Afflictions and trials will come, but if we have the proper association with our Heavenly Father, we will be able to grow and to become what He expects us to become. While we are in trials, it seems like a long time. We need to step back and see that we are the only ones that measure time. This life will pass so fast before our eyes, and we can't let the things of the world get us down. We have to endure so that we can inherit the great mansions that our Heavenly Father has prepared for us. In the Book of Mormon and especially in 3rd Nephi we see how they are preparing for the coming of the Savior. They watch for the signs of his birth and then for His death and then they await for His appearance in the Americas. We are in a similar time in our life, other than preparing for His first coming, we are preparing for His Second Coming. We read of the signs of His return, we must prepare. It is so crazy the amount of the natural disasters that have been happening. We do not know the hour that He will come. I don't know if it will be in my life time, but I know that I will be an instrument in preparing the earth for His return. We can't take this lightly we must always improve ourselves and look for ways to help our neighbor. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have, I know that there is no other way to be happy. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and when we read it we can feel of Gods love.

I was so grateful to read the Book of Mormon, I am still trying to get over things, but it helped a great deal. I don't know what will happen next in my life, but I trust that my Heavenly Father can see the bigger picture. He knows what will be best for me, I don't know if something will end up happening or if I will get another opportunity. I know I complain a lot about not being married, but that is pretty much the only thing that I have a complaint about, I am so truly blessed, and I owe all that I have to my Heavenly Father, I know I wouldn't be where I am today without Him.

15. Train for a triathlon.

16. Make a dress.

Here is the pattern, I have started it, but knits are super hard to work with! Right now I am planning on making the one with the pleats on the front, but I might veto those and just do the normal. I am also worried about doing the button holes!

17. Take a class.

18. Decide whether or not to get my teaching degree or another degree.

I gave it a lot of thought and prayer, my schedule is too busy to take something else on. I would still love to go back, but not now.

19. Go backpacking in the Wind Rivers.

Me and the Cirques, I need to get more photos from my brother.

Trying to get a self portrait with my sweet headband that I made for the trip!

My awesome tour guide! (aka my bro!)

This is where I slept...all by myself. Justin didn't want to put his tent by mine. I got a little freaked out at night!

This is Big Sandy Lake our tents were just a little ways a way, so beautiful!

20. Start a photo project.

I took some photos of some blossoms, and now I want to do some photo transfers with them. I also want to use my Italy photos to do some transfers. We will see if any of them work out!

21. Give a quilt away.

My good friends Sarah and Rob lost their baby Benton in November. Words can not explain the loss or soothe the ache. I wanted to do something for her, so I put together my scraps and this is what came out.

22. Submit my Peru book to different Humanitarian organizations, in order to broaden my photography oppurtunities.

23. Find dead ends in Family History and find the original location and try to further the lines and information.

24. Visit all of the temples in Utah and do work in them.

Logan: May 6, 2010
Ogden: July 15, 2010
Bountiful: May 14, 2010
Salt Lake: May 20, 2010
Jordan River: July 23, 2010
Oquirrh Mountain: May 22, 2010
Draper: February 26, 2010
Manti: February 5, 2010
St. George:

If completed by April 3, 2011
Brigham City:

25. Study more about graphic design. Learn Illustrator.

My friend Kara has taught me a lot, I feel a lot more confident. But I still need a ton of practice.

These appear in no certain order, and I am going to try to complete them by April 3, 2011!

Patterns from the DI

I hope I can make some of these patterns (and hopefully they have all of the pieces!)
I am always in need of a skirt pattern!

I want to make the short one with short sleeves. I love the old school style!

I think the orange would be cute in a brown wool or something.