Friday, December 23, 2011

Monochromatic Challenge

I need to take some better photos of this one, but I am just obsessed with updating my blog through the iPhone. The stitching is done in different colors

Little Aprons for the Nieces

I thought these turned out so cute! Hopefully Cole's family doesn't judge me for all homemade gifts. We are giving all the little girls these and then getting some cookie cutters or something to go with. I am nervous they won't like them.

A Christmas Quilt for Cole

So I got the new iPhone and I am a little obsessed with the camera and the effects on it, so these are just some of the projects I have been taking photos of. I won't have his quilt finished all of the way for Christmas, but I will at least have the top finished. Here is what the blocks look like, hopefully I will show the finished product soon.

Bowling Quilt for my Dad

So my dad's family is a little obsessed with bowling, the entire family has bowled. I am proud to say I have never owned a bowling ball..... Maybe this is why I am an outcast! :). Some of these shirts are from my grandma and great grandma. They are pretty sweet designs, I love the vintage!