Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall Family Photos

Poor Cole!  I torture him way too often, he knew what he was getting into! :)  I love my camera remote!


I love this little guy!  I am a little obsessed with making these little animals.  I know I am a nerd, but I love it.  It is so nice that my schedule is starting to free up, so I don't feel guilty when I sew!

Love his little tail!

Giant Granny Square

I made this blanket on our road trips this year, it is amazing how long you can work on something and it doesn't look different.  That is one thing I don't like about crocheting...I am not very fast!  When I quilt I can see a difference faster.  I love the colors on this and you have to touch it to really appreciate it!  It is made from a bamboo yarn and it is super soft!  Sorry for the photo overload.  I know it is a simple blanket and it doesn't need a million photos!

Little Pumpkins

My friend Kristin has some of these at her house, and I loved them, so I had to make some.  Yes they are real pumpkin stems!  I went and bought a few pumpkins and then I searched the bin for lost stems!  When I asked the cashier if I could buy them he looked at me like I was a weirdo!

Little Puppy Dog

I have been babysitting Cole's niece, and I have no toys, so I have been trying to make some.  I love how they are turning out!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oregon Coast!!!!

At the first of the month Cole got his August schedule and he had a Monday off, so I figured we had to try and go somewhere. I had him get Tuesday and Wednesday off, but we didn't know if he could get it off until the day we left. We left on a Saturday after Cole got off work. We left Logan at 9 pm and got to Baker City, Oregon around 2 in the morning! We stayed with Cole's sister and then drove the rest of the way to the coast.

It was such a fun trip!! Super short and a lot of driving but it was way worth it! What a pretty place!

First stop Multnomah Falls, this was a nice break from all of the driving minus there were a million people there!

By the time we got to the coast it was dark.  When we arrived, we had no clue where we were staying. We got the last campsite at Nehlehm Bay.  

When we woke up we drove to a little town called Manzanita that was close to our campsite and got some yummy breakfast and ate it on the beach with a beautiful view!


On the first day we drove south towards Lincoln City, we only had a little bit of time in each spot.  I wish we could have spent a week on this trip!

Some beautiful flowers along the way.  I am still mad at myself for not taking out my big camera.  It was a long summer of weddings and I just needed a break from it.  So all of these photos are taken with the great iPhone!

We tried to do a little tide pooling, but we had just missed it!  We got a little lost!

On our second day, we rented a boat and went crabbing!  So fun!  And the best crab I have ever eaten, and I caught it!  So we caught some crabs! :)

One of our favorite things is a good seafood boil!  We brought the corn and potatoes from the garden and boiled it up with a delightful cajun seasoning.  By the end both of our mouths were burning...but it was a good burn!  I love seafood!

On the morning that we had to leave, we got up early and tried to go clamming.  We didn't have too much success, we weren't to sure what to look for.  And the locals said it was a bad year for clamming.  Instead we found a ton of amazing Starfish!   

We were so sad that we had to drive home!   It was a long drive home, we arrived home at about 4 am and both of us had to work at 9.  But it was soooo worth it!  I miss traveling!