Friday, June 26, 2009

Jewelry Holder

Awhile back, my friend Jenna and I, we thought we were frame makers. We made a ton of these wood frames and never really used all of them. I saw the wire idea at Pier 1, but they hung photos on it and it was a little bigger.


  1. Uh hello! I should make one of these too...

  2. Hey! I discovered your blog! You are SO talented! I had no idea you did all these things! I actually was going to make the same jewelry hanger, except slightly different. Yours turned out darling!

  3. So Jess, can we hang out??? Seriously, you are so talented and I want to know how to make those frames and more... I have been on a sewing kick lately making a ton of skirts and shirts for kids. I'll have to show you sometime. Come hang out with us in New York. I would love it.