Monday, May 25, 2009

New Office/Craft Room

Well this week has been a crappy week, so I needed to make some projects to work on. I couldn't make myself work on weddings, I think I would have had a nervous break down! :) So I worked on a million things this weekend. I started my weekend off with some quilting on Friday night. And Saturday I decided to transform the spare room. While at Home Depot and Lowes I kept getting ideas for projects. So I got some paint for my room and then some wood to make shadow boxes. I started the shadow boxes, and nothing went right. The board was warped, so it didn't connect very well and then when I was sanding the straight board and two of the pieces broke in half. So I intended to make 3-4 boxes and only got 2. I was a little disappointed. I still need to get them painted. After that I went home and began to prep my room to be painted. I got the first coat on Saturday night. Yes I know I had a very exciting weekend. Monday morning I finished painting. I am so impatient when I get finished, I rush too fast to peal off the blue tape to see what it really looks like.

Awhile back I tried to make all of my frames match, it all went good until I put the top coat on and it bubbled up the paint on all 10 frames. I was a little angry, so I bought some stripper stuff and never finished them, because I was frustrated. So while my paint was drying in my room I took off all of the paint on the frames. It was very messy and annoying! I finally finished and then re painted them. They are now drying waiting for a second coat and then they will be my Peru collage in the hallway. I am way excited to get my photos of Peru up.

So my room mate moved out last weekend because she got married. So I decided to turn the extra room into my office and craft area until I find someone else to move in. I painted it a light blue with a hint of teal and a little on the bright side. When I started with the trim, I hated it and was mad that I was going to have to go buy more paint. As soon as I got the first coat on I started to like it, and then the second coat, love it! I know the picture frames are empty, but I wanted to get them up to see what it would look like. I can't decide what photos to put in, I might have to wait for my trip to Italy and Greece to fill them in!

Above my desk I am going to make a big magnet board so that I can try to keep all of my stuff organized. To the side of it I am making some window boxes to put some of my old cameras in. I am pretty excited to get those finished up.

I am going to paint my sewing table a dark teal color, just to add some fun accent colors. I also need to find some red to go somewhere. I am excited to decorate.

Well that was my weekend, it occupied my mind for awhile and now I have to start working. Hopefully I can move on! I hate the dating game! Hahaha!


  1. How cute! Did you use a pattern or tutorial to make your roman shades? I would love to make some of my own, so if you have any tips, let me know!

  2. Andrea, I have a pattern, you are welcome to use it! It is kind of hard to get them to lay flat, but when I sew I hate using pins, so maybe if you do a better job with pins, it shouldn't be so bad! Just call me and I can get the pattern to you!