Saturday, October 3, 2009

DI Purchased Fabrics

Yes I know that sounds kind of gross to get my fabric at the DI, and I usually hate going in there. My aunt found some cool fabric there the other day, and so I went in to check it out. I found some great stuff, I am so excited to use it all, and yes I washed it all right when I got home. I got some really cool canvas fabrics for bags, probably around 10-15 yards, so I am going to be having bags coming out of my ears! And then I got some knits that will be perfect for the dress that I want to make, and then some stripped fabric for a skirt. We will see if any of this gets finished, but I am going to tag the products as DI Fabrics, just so I can track how much I have made out of all of it. In my first trip I probably got 20 yards of fabric and spent $23 and then I went another time and it wasn't as good, and just got some silky stuff for the lining for $3.

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