Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Goals

I am a big fan of goals and checklists. I think it helps me achieve them if other people know that I have them. I know it is now February, but I had a hard time deciding on them and I have had a hard time with life lately.

Go to the temple once a week.

Study more diligently on Sundays and not sleep all day.

Learn how to submit names to the temple from my own family history.

Be more confident in myself and my abilities.

Read a book a month.

Study something new.

Use my gym pass at least once a month.
(This will be an improvement, I think the last time I used it was in May. ooops!)

Use my outdoor equipment more.

Establish working hours. I now work 10:00-7:00, unless I have an actual photo shoot. No more working all hours of the night.

Wake up by 9:30 on weekdays.
(This is actually really hard for me. It is hard to start working early if no one is making me.)

Pay quarterly taxes on time and take it out as I am paid.

Save money.

No more buying fabric for new projects until I have finished all of my quilts.

Put my stuff on Etsy.

Humanitarian trip to Africa or Nepal.

Clean house twice a month. (Vacuum, clean bathrooms and kitchen.)

Cook different ethnic dishes at least something new each month.

I also have my other goals that I am working on. I have to accomplish the other ones before I am 25, my time is ticking. I am getting old!

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