Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Decorations

This year I had a lot of good intentions to make ornaments, a christmas tree skirt and stockings. My room mate and I went to the DI and found A LOT of wool, we had everything skirts, pants, sweaters and old man suit coats. They were all 100% wool, so we (mainly me) cut up all of the clothes and then we felted them. We found some great patterns and colors. Now I have a butt load of wool. I thought I was going to have oodles of time to get this all accomplished, and then my time was occupied. I started dating someone and all of my time went to him. It was well worth only having two ornaments on my tree for the Christmas season. It was probably the best time I have ever had, and I was with him 24-7 and only a few of my projects for Christmas got finished. Things have now sadly changed and I don't have him as a distraction. I am going crazy without him, now you will see a lot of posts of all of the things that I am trying to do to make up not being with him. I would give it all up for him, life can have so many unexpected changes. Who knows where my life will head now, it feels so empty and incomplete. This is one of the two owls that I got done.


  1. Jessica you are so very, very talented! Are you going to sell your hair accessories. Cuz I REALLY want some! I love them all!!! You amaze me :) PS that quilt you made is to die for!

  2. Oh Jessi, all your stuff is really cool. I love the crocheted flower headband. I want one!!! Craft night!!!