Sunday, May 23, 2010


I have loved clutches lately, I think they are so cute and sometimes I get so sick of hauling a big purse around. I have also needed a project that will use up a lot of wool from my stash. I was excited how it turned out, I am not very good with zippers so I still need to practice on that. I am usually not very good with ruffles either, but I figured out that I have been doing it wrong. When you pull the strings you only pull the top thread! It was a cinch after I figured that out! The wool is from an old lady skirt and the lace and lining are from thrift stores. I love making use of old things. Total cost on this was probably 2 bucks! I love the lining fabric! I was sad it was only a yard of fabric, so I need to use it wisely!

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