Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My mom was telling me about this and I have seen them around town. I decided to try it and I loved it! I ordered a lite basket and it was only $12.95. They have designated locations and times to pick them up.

In my basket I got
2 heads of lettuce
bunch of green onions
2 florets of broccoli
bunch of radishes (I don't know if I like them, but it will be a good opportunity to try them.)
1 red pepper
1 tomato
4 oranges
3 lemons
4 plums
2 white peaches
basket of strawberries

I thought it was a great deal! It also gives you stuff that you don't usually use, so you get to try new things.

With all of my veggies I made my own Rumbi Grill rice bowls, they were delicious. With the fruit I made an amazing smoothy and added some spinach that I had in the fridge to add in some iron.

Well I tried to link it to their website, but I am not very smart and couldn't get it to work, but you can see the web address, so type it in! :)

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