Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sewing Conference

I went to this sewing conference in the first part of November. It was put on by USU extensions, it was meant for Home Ec. teachers and 4-H sewing teachers. I am neither of those, but my aunt is, so I was lucky to go. It was so much fun, it was two full days of sewing all day! They gave us projects, patterns and fabric. The first night it was an open sew for a couple of hours, so while I was preparing to go I was trying to decide what to take. Little did I know I would have a million projects from the conference and there would be no time to even attempt my own.

During the conference there were speakers, my favorite was Joel Dewberry. I was so excited to meet him, he is such a talented designer and so down to earth. I was in awe just listening to him, I would love to be able to start designing, but I get too scared to try. You should check out his website and you will just love his stuff!

Joel Dewberry

I would love to teach a 4-H sewing class or just any sewing class, so let me know if any one is interested or if you know of some little girls that want to sew, I want to teach them.

Here are some of the projects we worked on, I still haven't finished them all. Some of them are basic projects, but they teach good sewing techniques for beginners.

Pin Cushion, inside they used walnut bird feeder which is supposed to sharpen your needles.

This pattern is from Joel Dewberry's book and it uses his great fabric!

Check out his book here!

Out of all the sewing and quilts that I have done, this is my first pillow case, I thought that was kind of funny. But this pattern is so great, there is a cool trick to get the seams hidden on the small piece of the pillow. Here is the link to the pattern. I want to use this trick for the hem line of a skirt!

This is a little snap bag, it is closed up by a measuring tape. It reminds me of those little snap bracelets that were in when I was little. Great project for little girls.

Don't you just wish you had this table runner??? Hahaha! The pattern is a good idea, but the fabric is not! Haha, we were laughing so hard about how this turned out. So if you come to a summer dinner party at my house you may see this sweet thing!

We also made a hot pad, I didn't look very good, I sewed random circles on it and when it finished it looked like something I would have given my mom when I was in kindergarten! We also worked on a quiet book, but I wanted to make it a little cuter, so we will see if I ever finish it. There were a lot of good sewing techniques to learn while making it and they are also good small motor skills for children. I started an apron, but didn't have time to finish it. Hopefully I get those finished and posted.

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  1. I thought for sure the table runner was going to be someone's Christmas present. Too bad you didn't get my name.