Monday, August 1, 2011

Costa Freakin Rica

When I go on trips I usually have something that intrigues me, on his trip it was signs. I don't know why. And isn't that lady so cute?? I wanted to take more photos of people, but I am too chicken to ask. Cole was the reason we stopped these ladies and I am glad that he did!

Got to love the monkeys! I wanted to take them home! We saw these while on the jungle cruise. The boat we were on looked exactly like the ones that you find at Disney Land...other than these animals are not battery operated!

We went on a jungle cruise and the Costa Rican driving the boat kept luring the crocodiles close to the boat, the crocodile had its nose on the boat right in front of me.

We went sailing on a catamaran, it was so beautiful. They dropped us off in a little cove and let us snorkel. One of the guys with the boat kept coming up to us with these weird creatures (Blow fish and some Brittle Star Fish) to hold, I freaked out a lot, they were so weird feeling! We decided to go explore the beach to see what we could find and when we looked back to the boat we saw a crocodile looming in the water. We freaked out, we still had to swim back to the boat. By the time we got back to the boat we were out of breathe! Crazy...but cool experience!

We went deep sea fishing, Cole had a blast catching this gigantic Rooster fish that weighed around 50 lbs!

These are pictures from out zip line trip near the Arenal Volcano. The longest stretch of zip line was 1/2 mile long and we went 40-50 mph on this little cable. We were 600 feet above the rainforest floor. It was such a rush to be so high and go so fast!

This is the sign that was close to our hotel.

This is our beautiful hotel, tucked back in its own little cove!

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  1. oh my gosh jess! that looks so fun! It makes me get the travel itch :) I can't believe you held those nasty lookin things! you are a brave woman.