Sunday, September 27, 2009

Canning Peaches

I went to my grandmas to learn how to can peaches, I apparently did not choose a good batch of peaches, they looked good to me, but my grandma was appalled that they sold them to me and that I bought them. I got a 1/2 bushel of Angelo peaches from Brigham City, they were $14 for the half bushel.

First, we boiled the peaches for 30 seconds and then put them in the cold water, this made it easier to pull the skins off. We then sliced them and put them into the jars. For the syrup, we put 2 cups of sugar with 8 cups of water. In each jar we put about 3 peaches and then just filled with the syrup. After we put the in a hot water bath, after it comes to a boil leave them in for 40 minutes. After leave them for 24 hours, before moving. Enjoy!

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