Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Apron

I finally finished this apron, I have wanted the material for a long time, but I was trying to be good and not buy it. One day I was in Bernina and there was barely enough on the bolt, so I had to buy it! I had to finish it before I started my canning, I know that I am a nerd, but I was so excited to wear it for my canning.


  1. What a coincidence?! I've been contemplating making an apron. But I want to find a cute pattern, where did you get yours? I'm actually going to look for a pattern and fabric tomorrow. Yours is adorable!

  2. I got it from Ginge, I will have to get what the book is called, or send you a copy!

  3. Ok so I just discovered your blog! Can we add apron making to our quilting parties too? I love this!