Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabulous Fabric Find!

I love vintage fabric for quilting. I found a bunch of different fabric squares in some Salt Lake antique stores and I have been on a search ever since to find some more to go with them. I have no idea how to tell what year the fabric is from, so if anyone knows please enlighten me! :) I found this in a Salvation Army in Oregon. I saw it and about died, they had three bundles of 5 yards; I was trying to be good and just bought one at the time. As we drove home, I slowly regretted not buying all of them. When we got home I asked Cole if he thought his sister would go see if they were still there. Well she went back and they were buy on get one free and she got the other two for me! Thanks a ton Katie! I have so many ideas for this fabric; complete my quilt, little girl dresses and aprons....the options are endless!

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