Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Project One}

I have been trying to clean out my house, so that I can make room for Cole to move in. You would think with having my own house and living alone I would have plenty of space. Well you are wrong I have a lot of crap! I have this sick thing where I see good in so many things and I rescue them from Thrift Stores and grandparents houses and even on the street (that only happened once!) I see these things and think that I can remake it into something wonderful. When I actually complete the projects they can be cool, but the completion rarely happens! A lot of the stuff I will be working on will be for the wedding and the other stuff is just stuff I need to finish.

Please join me with this great challenge and let me know how you do!! If you do this, I would love to link you to my blog and maybe together we can all get a lot of things completed!

My first project that I finished is for my wedding. I don't know why, but I think old pages look really cool, so I made something out of them. I got this book at the good old Salvation Army in Baker City, Oregon. The book was called: "The Just and the Unjust." I have no clue what it is about, but it was 85 cents! My friends came over this last week and helped me with stuff for the wedding. They helped me get a great start, and then I worked on folding some papers while I was substitute teaching. I make great use of my time, the student teacher probably thought that I was crazy. Well I am! I finished a total of 15 small ones, 3 big ones and one awesome one that Sarah made up. These will either hang on the fence with photos on a clothes line, or in the trees or from the lights. Hopefully all of my random ideas for the wedding come together.

I got a little carried away with photos! It is midnight, so I had no natural light, so I bumped my ISO super high.


  1. They look really cool! I have your fabric I will mail it this week...sometime. Someone stole my cell phone so I will text Cole when I send the fabric. After I get my new phone.

  2. That is so awesome! I cant wait to read what you do everyday! Good luck and I will be watching...I hope to just get a project done once a week...lol

    -Chelsea Jensen (teuscher)

  3. super cool jess! if you ever need any help with wedding stuff let me know!