Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few Wedding Things....

I found a lot of great stuff for the wedding in Europe. I am going to post bits of decorations for the wedding. I am pretty excited for how it is all coming together! I almost have too many ideas, hopefully it all looks good together.

Brooches for the bouquet! Stay tuned to see how it turns out, I am super excited! I bought these at Spitafields Market in London, it was so great. I will have to post some photos of the ladies booth, she had a million brooches and earrings. She gave me a good deal because we bought so many.

Don't you just love these ties??? I think they look so good together. I am not a super matchy match person, but I think the all coordinate well. I searched all over Europe to find them. When I was in Europe last time I remember that I found some cool ones for this kid I was dating and they were only 5 pounds. They were in London and when I went to go back and find the store I could not remember where exactly it was, everything blurred together. So I found 4 of them in London and the other ones we found in Ireland. They were a little more expensive, but they are super nice.

Plum antique books that I found at Spitafields Market, they were 1 pound each. They had so many cool ones, too bad there is limit on how many bags you can travel with!

I have been collecting vases from thrift stores and what not, all of the vases will be random. Each table will have 4-5 vases with little sprigs of all sorts of flowers. The flowers will have more of a natural feel to them, they won't be super perfect in form or matching.

These are not finished, but you get the idea. I am making cake stands for the reception food. These are sweet lamps that I took apart. I have found cool old candlesticks and other things to make some sweet stands!

Last of all the fabulous dress! I don't want to show to much, so you just get the sketch of it! I am in love with it, I can't wait until I get it back, it won't be back until May 20, we ordered it in the middle of March and we had to rush ship it to get it by then. I got it at Gateway Bride in Salt Lake. I tried on a bunch of dresses in Logan to try and support local vendors, but I only found some that I liked, not loved.


  1. Jess, your wedding is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. all of this looks amazing! you are just so freakin creative! I wish i would have had more time to make my wedding fancy and cool! I was gone traveling for all the planning so cade had to do it all, so it was definitely simpler than I wanted, so I freakin LOVE everything you have going so far for the wedding!