Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finish A Project A Day!!! {Ten}

I had these negatives scanned in, I was so glad to find the negatives at my moms. I ruined a lot of the photos when I started scrapbooking in like 6th grade. I can't resist adding a lot of the photos! So sorry for the photo overload!

I love this photo!

Looks like Justin loves me!

When I was born I had to wear those funky shoes because I had pigeon feet or something, this is the only photo of me with them on.

I love these photos of us camping, it is a little hard to look at them and to see how our family has changed. I wish we were still a complete family.

I guess my mom took photos of us before church all of the time, I love that she did this, these are such fun photos!

I didn't realize I was such a poser when I was little!

Halloween! My mom did such a good job dressing us up! I love these!

Photos that I love!

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