Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finish a Project a Day {Seven}

I made option {D} for my engagement photos, so I will post a professional photo of it when I get them back. Now I know how my clients feel when they call me a million times to get their photos, I want to see mine now! We took them Wednesday night, it is really weird to go home from a photo shoot and not be able to look at them on my camera. I started this skirt at 10:30 p.m. and finished at 1 a.m. I got this fabric at a fabulous store in Salt Lake, the owner is so great! She sells fabric for clothes, check out her blog and visit her store! Yellow Bird Fabrics.


  1. look at you go woman! I wish I could sew...i can only make very simple fabric banners :) I'm glad im doing this project a day thing with's fun to have someone to check in on! :)

  2. Yes I agree! Thanks for keeping me motivated! And you can sew, just go for it! Go buy cheap fabric at the DI and start with that, if they are out, come use some of mine! I have way too much!