Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Hair Accessories

I love making different styles, you can tell which ones I did together. Each day I kind of adopt a new style, I wasn't doing it on purpose, but after looking at them altogether you can tell which ones I did at the same time.

I got this fabric at the DI, I love the retroness of it! I got the flower from my great-grandma. I love getting old and stuff and giving it new life!

I also got this fabric from the DI, I made it to match the skirt that I made, I love it! I was proud of myself after completing the outfit. The little jewel is also an old clip on from my grandma.

I love Zebra fabric, I am a little obsessed right now!

This fabric was from an old wool skirt at the DI, I kind of like the roll effect!

I love this button! I have also got into using feathers, I didn't think I would like them, but I do. Items seem kind of boring now without them.

I went back packing with Justin to the Wind Rivers and of coarse I had to have a hiking headband. I had to stay in touch with my girly side, I refer to myself as a prissy granola.

More Zebra!

I have been really into grey lately, I think it is simple and classy.

I have also had a mustard obsession, I think it looks great with bold colors!

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