Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zucchini Bread

I had a lot of zucchini's and they were too big to saute, so I made some zucchini bread and froze some. I tried two recipe's and the first one failed. It tasted fine, but didn't come out of the pan too good as you can see:

Then I tried another recipe, it came out of the pan, but it was not as moist as the other one.

So if anyone has a good zucchini bread recipe, let me know. I am not putting the recipe on, because I didn't love either of them. I made these on Labor Day, and I was in a domestic mood (this is not unusual for me). I was enjoying have a great big mess while cooking because I was getting a lot accomplished. I was in a random mood, so I took a lot of photos of the process. I know I am weird!

I did about half of the zucchini with a grater, but after awhile it was killing my arm (I know that is pathetic, I need to go to the gym!) I tried some in my food processor, it wasn't that much faster, but it didn't hurt my arm. If you use the food processor, cut it into small pieces and if they are too hard it doesn't chop it up that well.


  1. I made zucchini bread today with a recipe Ben got from someone at work. I had the same problem, it was moist and tasted great, but we had to eat it in big chunks because it didn't come out of the pan. On the second loaf I put parchment paper in the bottom of the pan and that worked really well. The recipe itself, though, was delicious. I'll email it to you. It's a relief to see my kitchen isn't the only one that ends up looking like that when I make something!

  2. I have one I just made a few weeks ago and it is delish!!! So just holler and I'll get it for you.